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About me

All About Me!!

I am Michelle, a 13 year old who lives in a teensy little speck of a town in the south-western-ish  Missouri. I decided to set this site up for weirdos like me (no offense, all) who are fascinated with languages, especially ones that aren't spoken anymore.("dead languages") I decided I was going to learn how to read Egyptian hieroglyphics, only to be driven crazy by the lack of information on reading them that is on the net. So, I set up this webpage to help people find information about them, and attempt to teach them also. I will do my best to teach the people that want to learn, because the main reason I'm doing this is because teaching someone something that you need to learn is one of the best ways to learn it. (Now I feel really selfish...) Anyways, I'll try to be nice and help the weirdos learn(once again, no offense :) and if you want to contact me, my email  is, or if for any reason that emai won't work you can reach me at  


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